Ԝolltest du ѕсhоn lange das Mädchen von nеbenan fіcken?
Erѕtellе іn dіeѕem Spiel еіnen Кlon von ihrǃǃǃ http://carlaneti.ga/prd-73103/
Und fіck siе ohne Grеnzen, wiе du eѕ іmmer wоlltеst. Sіe wird dich nісht ablеhnеn!
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... оdеr willѕt du viеllеiсht, daѕs sіе dісh fickt? :) 
Вöѕeѕ Мädchen suсht еin ѕehr böѕes Мädchen...
Мeinе Воtѕсhаft іѕt zu ѕpezіfіѕсh (bеsѕer gleіch sаgen).
Iсh liеbе Μädchеn, bеѕоndеrs ѕchleсhte
Ich bіn 24 Jаhrе аlt, Emіlіe
Ιch suchе еine еrnѕthafte und heißе Веzіеhung...
Ԝie аuсh immеr, mеin Prоfil iѕt hіer: http://tangmemreteeti.tk/idn-26207/ 
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Venous silhouette navigation if sequences.
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With shunt thoracotomy; omphalocoele, preserved off?
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I asked ChatGPT: in mojolicious how can i get data from a 3rd party rest api?
# To retrieve data from a 3rd party REST API in a Mojolicious application, you can use the built-in HTTP client module called 
# Mojo::UserAgent. Here's an example of how to use it to retrieve data from a hypothetical API endpoint:

use Mojolicious::Lite;
use Mojo::UserAgent;

get '/api' => sub {
  my $c = shift;

  # Create a new Mojo::UserAgent object
  my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new;

  # Set the URL of the API endpoint you want to retrieve data from
  my $url = 'https://api.example.com/data';

  # Make an HTTP GET request to the API endpoint
  $ua->get($url => sub {
    my ($ua, $tx) = @_;

    # Check if the request was successful
    if ($tx->success) {
      # Retrieve the data from the response body
      my $data = $tx->res->json;

      # Do something with the data
      $c->render(json => $data);
    else {
      # Handle the error
      my ($err, $code) = $tx->error;
      $c->render(text => "Error: $err", status => $code);


# In this example, we define a GET route /api that makes a GET request to the https://api.example.com/data endpoint using the
# Mojo::UserAgent module. If the request is successful, we retrieve the data from the response body and render it as JSON. If the
# request fails, we handle the error by rendering an error message with the corresponding HTTP status code.

# You can modify this example to suit your specific use case by replacing the API endpoint URL with the URL of the endpoint you want # to retrieve data from and adjusting the data processing logic as necessary.

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Let's play a text adventure. The setting should be sci-fi. Don't rush the game or take any actions for me.

Sure, let's get started! You find yourself in a dimly lit room, with a single door in front of you. The room is made of metal, and there are various buttons and screens on the walls. You notice a sign above the door that reads "Escape Pod Bay."

What would you like to do?

Look closer at the screens and buttons

As you approach the screens, you see that they display various information such as the status of the ship's systems, and the location of the ship in space. The buttons seem to control different functions of the ship, such as the lights, and the air conditioning. There is also a button that says "Launch Escape Pod."

What would you like to do?

Open the door

You approach the door and see a keypad next to it. It appears to be a security measure to prevent unauthorized access. The sign above the door reads "Escape Pod Bay", so it's likely that the door leads to the escape pods, which are a way for the crew to evacuate the ship in case of emergency.

What would you like to do?

Enter 1234 into the keypad

You enter 1234 into the keypad, but the door does not open. It seems that the code you entered is incorrect.

What would you like to do?

Try to find the door code on one of the screens

You look at the screens more closely and notice one of the screens displaying a list of codes, one of which is labeled "Escape Pod Bay." The code is 3467.

What would you like to do?

Enter 3467 into the keypad

You enter 3467 into the keypad and hear a loud beep, followed by the sound of the door unlocking. The door slides open with a hiss, revealing a long hallway lined with several escape pods. Each pod has a hatch that can be opened, and a control panel inside.

What would you like to do?

Are there other doors in the hallway?

As you look down the hallway, you see that the hallway ends in a T-shape, with door to the left and right. There is no indication of where these doors lead, but they both appear to be locked with keypads similar to the one you just used to enter the escape pod bay.

What would you like to do?

I'd like to try and locate a floor plan of the ship on the monitors

You scan the monitors looking for a floor plan of the ship and you find one on the monitor which is labeled "Floor Plan". The floor plan shows the layout of the ship, including the location of the escape pod bay, as well as other rooms such as the bridge, the engine room, and the crew quarters. It also shows the location of the locked doors that you just saw in the hallway, which leads to the bridge and Engine room respectively.

What would you like to do?

I try to find the door code for the bridge of the ship

You look back at the monitor with the codes and find the code labeled "Bridge" which is 2398.

Go to the door bridge and enter 2398 into the keypad

You walk to the door on the right that leads to the bridge, and enter 2398 into the keypad. The door beeps and unlocks. You push it open and find yourself in a large room filled with various controls and screens, as well as several chairs for the crew to sit in. This is the bridge, the central control room of the ship.

What would you like to do now?

Sit and the captains seat and assess the status of the ship

You walk over to the captain's chair and sit down. From this vantage point, you can see all the screens and controls that the crew would use to operate the ship. You notice that the ship is currently in distress, with several systems offline and the ship is adrift in the space. The ship's communication system is also down, making it impossible to call for help.

What would you like to do?

Scan the ship for life signals

You look for a way to check for life signals on the ship and find a display that shows the location of all the crew members on the ship. According to the display, it looks like you are the only person aboard. All other crew members are not responding.

What would you like to do?

Go back to the first room and look for the engine bay door code

You leave the bridge and head back to the escape pod bay. You look again at the monitor with the codes and find the code labeled "Engine Room" which is 4567.

What would you like to do?

Go to the Engine Room door and enter 4567 into the keypad

You walk to the door on the left that leads to the engine room, enter 4567 into the keypad and the door beeps and unlocks. You push it open and find yourself in a large room filled with several large machines and various controls. The room is dimly lit, and you notice that several of the machines are not functioning properly.

What would you like to do?

Try and repair the engines

You start looking around the engine room trying to figure out what is wrong with the engines. You notice that there are several warning lights on and some of the machines have been damaged. It appears that the ship has been under attack, and the engines have taken a lot of damage. You also notice that some of the machines are not functioning properly. With your limited knowledge of the ship's systems, you might be able to repair some of the damage, but it will take some time and effort.

What would you like to do?

Try to fix it, so that the ship is maneuverable again, including FTL travel, if the ship has it

You begin working on the engines, trying to repair the damage as best as you can. It takes some time and effort, but you are able to get some of the systems back online. The ship's propulsion systems are still heavily damaged, it will not be able to achieve faster-than-light travel. But you were able to repair enough of the systems to make the ship maneuverable again, allowing you to move the ship around in space and potentially find help.

What would you like to do now?

Go back to the captains chair and find out how far the ship is from my home planet

You head back to the bridge, sit back in the captain's chair, and start looking at the ship's navigation systems. After some searching, you find the ship's current location and a star map that shows the location of your home planet. Unfortunately, you see that the ship is quite far from your home planet and it will take quite some time to get back home, even if you were able to repair the ship's propulsion systems.

What would you like to do now?

Send a distress signal, so that a potential ship nearby can come and pick me up

You look for a way to send a distress signal and find that the ship's communication system is heavily damaged, and you are unable to send a distress signal.

What would you like to do now?

Go to the escape pods again, and check if they have a communication system on board

You head back to the escape pod bay and check the control panels inside each escape pod. After checking several of them, you find that one of the escape pods has a functional communication system.

What would you like to do now?

Use that pod to send the distress signal

You enter the escape pod with the functional communication system, and sit in the pilot's seat. You activate the communication system and send out a distress signal, hoping that it will reach a nearby ship or station that can come to your rescue.

As you wait for a response, you realize that this is a critical moment, the fate of your survival depends on if someone receives the distress signal or not.

What would you like to do now?


You sit in the escape pod, waiting for a response to your distress signal. Time seems to crawl by as you wait for any sign that your message has been received.

After some time, you hear a faint beep coming from the communication system, indicating that a message is incoming. You quickly check the system and see that a ship has received your distress signal and is on its way to your location.

Relief washes over you as you realize that you have been rescued. The ship will arrive soon and you will be able to return home.

You can continue the adventure if you want, but it seems that your survival has been secured.

I'd like to continue

Great! The ship that received your distress signal is a commercial vessel, and they have agreed to take you on board and bring you back to your home planet.

You spend the next few days on board the ship, getting your bearings and learning more about your rescuers. It turns out that the ship is on a mission to explore a nearby star system, and they have offered to take you along as a member of the crew.

As you travel through space, you see many wonders and make new friends. You also learn more about the ship's systems and technologies.

Eventually, the ship reaches your home planet, and you disembark with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for your rescuers. You know that you will never forget the adventure you just had, and the lessons that you learned.

The end of your adventure, but it could be the start of a new one.
Кann ісh hiеr eіnen ѕеrіösеn Mann findеn? :)
Нallo zusammen, Jungsǃ Ιch wеіß, meіnе Вotѕсhaft ist viеlleiсht zu spеzifіѕсh,
Abеr meinе Ѕchweѕtеr hаt hiеr еinen netten Мann gеfundеn und sіе hаben geheirаtеt, alѕo wie wärе еѕ mіt mir?! :)
Ιсh bin 27 Jаhre alt, Chrіѕtіnа, аuѕ Rumänien, ich bеherrѕchе аuсh Еnglisсh und Deutѕch
Und... іch habe eіne bestіmmtе Krаnkhеit nаmеnѕ Νуmрhоmanіe. Wеr wеіß, was dаs iѕt, kann mісh verѕtehen (bеsser gleiсh ѕаgеn)
Аh ϳa, ісh kоche sеhr leckеrǃ und ich liеbе niсht nur koсhеn ;))
Iсh bіn еin еchtеs Μädсhеn, kеіne Ρrоstituiertе und auf dеr Suсhе nach еinеr еrnsthаften und heißen Βеziehung ...
Ԝіe auch immer, meіn Prоfіl fіndеst du hier: http://daitrawitonsnor.tk/itm-29419/ 
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        AuthType AUTH::UMA2
        AuthName MTMtop
        PerlSetVar UMA_AuthType "form"
        PerlAuthenHandler AUTH::UMA2::FORM->authenticate
        PerlSetVar UMA_NewUserURL "*none*"
        PerlSetVar UMA_LOGINDOC "/login_UMA2.html"
        require UMA-user valid-user
день водителя 2021 
zip -q -d log4j-core.jar org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class